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This formulary is intended for use by health care professionals working within the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Health Economy, in either Primary Care, Secondary or Mental Health Care Trusts.

Key to Formulary recommendations

Medicines included in the formulary may be allocated a traffic light status.  The traffic light status offers guidance on where clinical and prescribing responsibilities lie in regard to the initiation and maintenance of prescribing.


Status Description


Secondary care only, not to be prescribed in primary care.   

Amber with Shared Care

Specialist initiation with shared care guidance Medicines which should be initiated in secondary care by the specialist with follow-on prescription and monitoring according to a specific Shared Care (SC) Guideline. Prescribing may be continued in primary care in line with a shared care guideline   


Considered suitable for primary care prescribing following specialist initiation/recommendation.  


Considered appropriate for prescribing in both secondary and primary care. Suitable for initiation in primary care.   


The database is formatted in accordance with BNF chapter classification for ease of use and also includes hyperlinks to the e-BNF, e-BNFc and to the electronic medicines compendium which holds Summaries of Product Characteristics.  Searches can be undertaken by medicine name, class or condition.

NICE information is available at but some chapters do also provide links to NICE Clinical Guidelines supported as a local resource by the MPC.

Some chapters also provide links to specific MPC prescribing guidance hosted on HWCCG website. 

Comments about any aspect of the database can be made by utilising the feedback section.  

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